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Just What I Need, Another Meeting

June 8, 2017

Why should you want to run an effective meeting, you say? Don’t I do a good enough job already? Well there is always room for improvement. And wouldn’t you want the outcomes of your meeting to include:
• Alignment with organizational goals and objectives
• Participants’ buy-in & support to initiative or project (you want them to be advocates!)
• Participants understand next steps and their responsibilities
• Participants feel good about themselves and the group
• Participants willingly and...

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Building a Marketing Function From Scratch

May 10, 2018

Do you have a growth mindset? Are you looking to learn and grow like me? Do you seek out big, audacious goals or do you phone (today, we’d say text) it in? I always find it rewarding to work in an exploratory environment where the emphasis is on new ideas and innovation. It may come from the start of my career at a variety of agencies, where that was the norm. It is something I took with me when I transitioned to the brand, aka corporate, side of the business.

I was hired to build a...

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